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Community Outreach

Burnaby Lake Rowing Club is committed to making rowing accessible for our community. We don't want rowing to be limited to just a few people, we want it to be available to anyone in our community who would like to row. Please contact us if members of your organization would like to try rowing. We will either provide your group with the opportunity to try rowing or we will help connect you with one of the rowing clubs in the Greater Vancouver Area that can partner with you. Are you interested in partnering with Burnaby Lake Rowing Club, please get in touch!

2023 Partnering Organizations

Team Building Opportunities for Your Company

Rowing is a sport that requires coordination, focus and repetition, and while it is a great sport to do solo, it is an even better sport to do with others. Rowing offers the opportunity for people to listen to instruction, interpret information and then apply what they have learned all during one rowing session. These are just a few of the reasons that the act of learning how to row can provide an invaluable experience for any group of people who already work together. Is your company or corporation looking for a team building opportunity that can be done in the Vancouver Metro area? If so, you should consider booking a 4-6 hour day at BLRC for your team in which they will work on being a cohesive unit through the sport of rowing. Contact us for rates and scheduling. 

The cost per person is $100 per 2 hour block. The average session is between 4-6 hours, which includes breaks for snacks and discussions about your group's key-goals. 

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