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Learn to Row Level III Course

Master the Rowing Stroke on Burnaby Lake in the Greater Vancouver, BC Area
Once you have taken your initial set of rowing lessons through Burnaby Lake Rowing Club's Learn to Row Level I and II Courses you are invited to continue with our Level III Course. This class is a great way to perfect the finer details of rowing. You may take this course if you learned how to row at a different club house and you'd like to try taking lessons with a different coach. 

Time Frame

Our Learn to Row class runs over the course of 3 consecutive weeks, with two 90-minute sessions per week. If a class is postponed due to inclement weather, the make-up class will be scheduled on the next available class day.

Cost Per Person

$499 (This includes the $25 RCA and $21.25 RBC fee that you pay annually. Once you complete lessons the RCA and RBC fees will be applied to your membership dues or additional lessons.)

Swimming Requirements

Rowing is a sport that can be done year round in Vancouver. It is a unique sport and will give you the opportunity to spend more time outside and on the water. We do ask participants if they can swim, but you don’t need to be an expert swimmer to participate in rowing. You simply need to have the ability to swim at least 50 meters and you’ll need to be able to tread water for at least 5 minutes. All rowers always have the option of wearing a Personal Flotation Device, also known as a life jacket, and those who are not strong swimmers might be asked to wear a PDF for their own safety. 

Sign Up Now

Classes run from April until September. If you'd like to take lessons outside of those times, consider taking private lessons.


Schedule and Classes Available 

Our Learn to Row Classes have been completed for 2023. We will post the 2024 schedule at the beginning of next year. If you'd like to be added to the waiting list for our group rowing lessons that will run in 2024, please click the button below and add your name and email address.  

Why We Created our Learn to Row Level III Course
We created this course because we find that the average adult needs a minimum of 10-14 rowing lessons to feel comfortable and competent in a rowing boat. This class provides rowers with the opportunity to keep learning in a group environment once they've progressed past the Learn to Row Level I and II Courses. With this course you're able to keep progressing in the sport so that you can eventually join our Masters Team. 

You’ll take the rowing class with up to 8 other people who have already learned how to row and you’ll learn all of the more advanced fundamentals. Once you complete this course you have the option of continuing with private lessons taking this course again or joining as a member if your coach gives you the approval. 

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