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Two Person Lessons

Semi-Private Rowing Lessons on Burnaby Lake in the Vancouver, B.C. Area

Two Person Lessons

Have you and your partner or friend always thought it would be fun to learn how to row? Great news, Burnaby Lake Rowing Club in the Lower Mainland offers rowing lessons for total beginners and rowers with previous rowing experience. You have the option of learning how to row in a group setting with up to 8 other rowers, or in a smaller setting through semi-private lessons. The benefit to taking semi-private rowing lessons on Burnaby Lake is that you can set your own schedule based on your availability and the coach’s availability. Scroll down to get more info about our Learn to Row Program. Keep reading if you know you’d like to learn how to row in a private setting.

During your semi-private lessons you will learn the basics of sculling, which is a type of rowing in which you’re holding on two two oars. You also have the option of learning how to do sweep rowing, which is the type of rowing in which you only hold one oar. Both types of rowing are great and fun to learn, they’re just a little different. If you’re not sure which type to start with, we usually suggest sculling. You also have the option of learning how to row in a double with your partner, or you can stick to singles and have your own boat. Once you complete your initial set of rowing lessons, your coach will tell you if you’re ready to join our Juniors or Masters program or if you’ll need to take additional rowing lessons before you can become members and join our coached sessions.

Cost Per Person: $646.25 (This includes the $25 RCA and $21.25 RBC fee that you pay annually. Once you complete lessons the RCA and RBC fees will be applied to your membership dues or additional lessons.)

Your initial set of semi-private sculling lessons span over the course of 12 hours or 720 minutes. The coach and students can decide the length of each lesson and the number of times you meet, as long as you get in 720 minutes. Participants can always purchase additional lessons once their initial set are completed. 4 1.5-hour lesson packages are available for $300 per person and 8 1.5-hour lesson packages are available for $600.

Click here if you’d like more information before you sign up.

If you know that you want to start private lessons as soon as possible and you’re ready to pay now, click here to fill out our enrollment form. You can follow the instructions on the form to register and pay. We’ll contact you within 2 business days to schedule your lessons.

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